I'm a Houston-based software developer with a background in education. My professional interests include full-stack web development, IoT, gamification, and user-centered design. I work for cPanel.

On a personal note, I'm a sci-fi lover, awesome cook, and puzzle fanatic (sudoku, jigsaws, crosswords--you name it). I'm into the civic tech scene here in Houston and enjoy volunteering regularly.

Recent Work

  • Website/CMS

    Client Work. CAZ Investments website migration and CMS development. Tech stack includes HTML, Sass, JS, Python (Wagtail), PostgreSQL, and CircleCI + CloudFoundry for CI/CD.

  • Rules Engine

    Client Work. Inventory & Task Management, automated workflows, and more based around a custom rules engine. Basically a scaled-down ERP/SAP for small businesses. Tech stack includes MEAN, RabbitMQ, AWS Delivery Pipeline, Docker, Jenkins.

  • IoT Platform

    Product Development/R&D. Includes hardware, software, and data integrations. Tech stack varies but includes AngularJS, Grafana, InfluxDB/TICK, NodeRED, IBM Watson IoT, Kafka, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, plus sensor/gateway hardware and firmware.

Recent Play

My works in progress. Volunteer stuff, plus things I tinker with in my spare time.

As a professional programmer, I think it's still important to make time for projects that do absolutely nothing for your career. I try to build silly little things like this to learn about new technologies and reignite the simple joy that comes from making a computer do something cool. Hopefully these not-so-polished examples of my work give you some idea of who I am as a coder, without all the slick frameworks, agile processes, and hours of QA that come along with modern application development.


Please feel free to reach out regarding contract work or nonprofit projects.
I'm also interested in conferences and tech meetups.